The best ideas arise from a passionate interest in commonplace things

Right from Man’s discovery of fire to the advent of the present day brain-inspired systems, Man has always looked to nature for inspiration to enrich his life.
A lot of people, when they hear the story about Newton’s discovery of gravity when an apple fell in front of him, tend to dismiss it as a case of serendipity. Considering that Newton is one of the greatest scientific minds ever and has several other inventions to his credit, it is obvious that it requires an extraordinary to mind to derive inspiration from what may seem the most obvious of things.

History tells us that some of the greatest works of art, literature and music and inventions had their origins in the most humble of sources. “The Solitary Reaper”, a beautiful piece of poetry by Wordsworth is about the poet’s observation and admiration for an ordinary farm-worker. The present-day rage, “The Harry Potter Series”, began when the author J.K.Rowling started writing stories based on school-life for her son at a nondescript cafe.

These instances strongly reinforce the fact that even the most mundane of things can appear enchanting if one takes a passionate interest in the principle behind it and knows to understand and appreciate it. For, the nature is ever full of surprises; if it appears commonplace to us in spite of its variety it is only because we have taken it for granted. However, enlightened minds have always looked to nature for inspiration, for they know that everything that Man has discovered and will discover will always be a representative of principles inherent in nature.
The most complex organ of the human body, the brain is being studied and researched upon by neuro-scientists to understand its working and to apply the principle behind it increase the MIQ (MACHINE INTELLIGENCE QUOTIENT) of the modern day computers. In spite of all the advances in medicine and signal processing, the brain is yet to be demystified fully. This proves that deriving ideas from the things around us is not as easy as it may sound. It requires a craving for knowledge and a deep admiration for the nature.

If a person closes his eyes and makes a conscious effort to listen to the less conspicuous sounds around him, he’ll be surprised to note the variety of sounds that permeate the air, but still hardly noticed above the obvious routine ones. Our mind is a lot like a radio-set, there’s inspiration all around us; we have to mentally tune ourselves to be able to take it in.

“Winners don’t do different things, they just do things differently”. A passionate interest in the things around us, the perspicacity to know why things happen the way they do, and receptiveness to ideas arising from these- these are the qualities that separate winners from the rest of Mankind.


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  1. ramakrishnan says:

    the passion in ur work was evident man–>

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